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Insects 4th grade




      What has six legs, can be red or black, and lives in a hill?  If you guessed an ant, you’re right! Ants are a common insect, but there is so much that you can learn about them. Ants are truly an interesting creature!

Ants are amazing insects. You can learn a lot about their physical features. Ants come in all colors like red, brown and black. There are many parts on their body. They have antennae, an abdomen, wings, 6 legs, a thorax, a head, jaws, a stinger, and eyes. Ants can run up to ten miles per hour and fly 20 miles per hour. Ants have many body parts that make their features unique.

Ants live all over the world. Ants live underground and in trees too. The temperature has to be warm or hot so they can stay alive. Ants live lots of places don’t they.

Ants eat a lot of sweets. They also eat grasshoppers most of the day. Ants don’t have alot enemies. Their enemies are termites and potatoe bugs. For protecton they run and hide. Ants eat alot of things.

Ants have incomeplete  metamorphosis. Ants have 4 stages egg, larva, pupa and adult. Ants eggs are oval shaped and tiny. Ant larva molts many times as it grows. Ants pupa after reaching a certain stage. The larva spins a silk- like cocoon. Ants adult is the last stage. Ants are pretty cool aren`t they?  Ants are insects, and amazing ones at that! Learning more about ants is important in this world. It is hard to believe what adifference they make to the world of insects!


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