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House Fly

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 Insects 4th grade


House Fly



What has two red eyes, four legs and two antennas?  If you guessed a fly you are right. Do you know the exiting things you can learn from studying a fly?  Its fun!

            A fly has very annoying physical features.  A fly is black and has huge red eyes!

It has two wings, is hairy, and has two teeth.  They have sticky pads on their feet so they can walk on the ceiling and carry dangerous diseases on them.  They have two antennaes.  They also make annoying noises when they fly.  The fly has a lot of features that can be disgusting.

             The fly can live in very strange places.   The fly can live in very gross places around the world.   They live in restaurants and in food.   It’s gross that they also live on a dog, a pig and a cow.   They live in trash and meat.  They live in homes and other structures.  They also can live around many plants.  Isn’t this amazing were fly’s can live.

            Fly’s can eat many things that people cant.  Flies eat many gross things!  Speaking of gross, they eat fecal material, other wise known as (poop)!  They eat old garbage and many bits of small food.  They also soften their food with salvia.  Fly’s eat very strange things.

            A fly has a very interesting live cycle.  A fly goes through a complete live cycle.  It has egg which any insect goes through.  It also has larva and pupa like a butterfly.  Then it grows into an adult and fly around!!!  Isn’t a fly interesting??

            See what I mean.  All the cool things you can learn from studying a fly.  Isn’t the fly the best!!


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