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Killer Bees

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 Insects 4th grade       


Killer Bee



 The Killer Bee

By: Nick

          Buzzzzzzz! Time to run; a killer bee is on the loose.  These terrifying creatures have been rising into North America!  Check out these insects so if one tries to attack, your are ready for action!

          Killer bees are very unique.  These dangerous insects can chase a person up to 2 miles.  The queen can get up to 4/5 inches long and the worker can get up to 1/2 inches long.  These bees look like a normal honeybee.  They are even more dangerous than European honeybee!  Honeybees and killer bees are often confused …. so watch out!

          These bees are rising into North America.  The whole state of Arizona is filled.  They live in southern North America, Argentina and Africa.  They were originally from Africa.  And Africa brought them over to South America.  Then they rose into North America.  If you step on a bee, make sure it’s not a killer bee!

          Killer bees eat, sting, and collect pollen for their hive.  In order to survive killer bees eat honey and pollen from the nest.  They also eat nectar, which is also from the nest.  Killer bees sting a person when threatened.  Killer bees have a poisonous stinger.  That’s how they got their nickname “The Killer Bee”.  When you see one, run fast!

          The killer bee goes through a complete metamorphosis.  First comes the egg: an oval like object that is white.  Next comes the larva: a white grub that is about the size of the adult.  Then the pupa: the adult bee in a sack called a cocoon.  Finally the adult bee: a dangerous creature with six legs, a pair of wings and a fully developed body!  With all those changes a bee has to go through, I wouldn’t want to be a killer bee!

          Killer bees are very dangerous creatures.  Next time you take a walk…. WATCH OUT!!! 


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        By Brandon 

What has four wings six legs and a deadly stinger? If you thought it was the    killer bee you are right.   Killer bees are an awesome insect. Man you will not believe how interesting they are!

The killer bee is often mistaken for a regular old honey   bee because it is yellow and black. A killer bee’s normal flight is only 5 miles per hour.  If you think that is amazing, a killer bee can make 50 pounds of honey per season.  Killer bees are very small, which is surprising for how much work they do. They are 2/1 cm long and 2/1cm wide. Now can   you spot a Killer   bee I hope for your sake not.

   Killer bees fly in   groups of 80,000 at a time.  The Killer bees are found in Texas, California, Northern Mexico and Argentina. Killer bees are very important   to Brazil because of the       amount of honey they make.  Now you know ware they live, so watch out!

Read this and you can see what killer bees eat.  The Killer bees protection is their deadly stinger.  The predators of the Killer bee are humans and other animals.  The Killer bee eats pollen.  I am glad that I am bigger than the Killer bee.

  The life cycle of a killer bee is very interesting.  The Killer bee goes through a   complete metamorphosis .The life cycle starts with the egg.  Then the larva next the pupa forms and then last but nut least the adult fully developed.  That is why the life cycle is so interesting.

  Here is one more interesting fact on the Killer bee.  They make their nest by using   their jaws.  There are endless facts on the amazing Killer bee.  




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