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Lady Bug

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Insects 4th grade





     Have you ever heard of an insect that has 6 legs, wings, and that has a red body with black polka dots? If you guessed a Ladybug you got it right! You will learn a lot about Ladybugs. You will find this insect to be very interesting and fabulous!                                                                                   

       Have you ever seen a Ladybug? Ladybugs are extremely unique insects. They are red with black spots. Do you know what Elytra is? Elytra is an extra coat that covers the wings. The Ladybug has a Head, Thorax, and abdomen. It also has six legs, and two antennae’s. They have red outer wings and transparent wings. Now that you know a lot about a Ladybug you should look for one in the spring!

        I bet you know where a Ladybug lives! Ladybugs live in many different places, many more places than you would think. Here are some examples of where they live. Ladybugs live in Trees, Houses, Gardens, Forests, Fields, and many other places. Ladybugs live above ground and drink dampness from leaves. You should think about going on a Ladybug hunt and look for a Ladybug!

       Survival for a Ladybug is a challenge! Ladybugs protect themselves by eating food and predators. Some of the foods they eat are Plants, Leaves, Flowers, Aphids, and Wheat. The Ladybugs predators are Birds, Monarch Butterflies, and Long Horned Beetles. Ladybugs protect themselves from their enemies because of their colors. Their colors warn predators that they taste bad! If you find a Ladybug you should help hide it from its predators.

          You will learn about the Ladybugs Life Cycle! A Ladybugs life cycle goes like this. A mother lays her eggs and then flies away. The egg hatches and becomes a larva. When the larva molts and it’s ready to change it makes a very hard shell called a cocoon. When the larva’s in the cocoon and its ready to come out it opens up and the full grown adult flies away! If you want to learn more about Ladybugs you should research them!

            There are a lot more things to learn about the Ladybug. For example, Ladybugs hibernate in the winter so they don’t freeze to death. The interesting facts about these insects are amazing and end less. I can’t believe how cool Ladybugs are!









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