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      Lemurs faces are dog like with pointed snouts and wet noses. They're white, black, grey and brown. If you walked past one and it had it's tail up you could easily mistake it for a member of the cat family. They have opposable thumbs.  They have long tails. There are twenty-two different species 

in the lemur family.  They live in the rain forests of Madagascar where it is hot. There is rain all year around.  Madagascar is east from 


Lemurs are very picky eaters. Lemurs eat fruit they find in trees and bugs they find on the ground. When their food is  scarce they will happily eat their young. They also eat tender leaves and bark they find on the trees.

     If putting their scent around their home doesn`t work they have stink fights.  The lemurs that fight usually don`t die.

     The mating season is the season where the most fighting occurs. The males fight for reproductive access to female Lemurs. The male lemurs have the traditional stink fights.










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Natures Children - Lemurs by Lorien Kite


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