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National Day on Writing

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The Village Elementary School and all Hilton Elementary Students participated in the National Day on Writing October 20, 2009.   Newly developing technologies expand the possibilities for composing in multiple media and for speaking to wider audiences than ever before and at a faster pace than ever before in our history.  To draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing engaged in and to help make writers from all walks of life aware of their craft, the National Council of Teachers of English has established October 20, 2009, as the National Day on Writing.


The Students at Village Elementary brought their personal writing, poems, etc. to the Computer Labs and typed their writings into a Microsoft Publisher's Template.  This template will be used to publish a National Day on Writing school-wide book. 


Below please take a look at all the work the students accomplished!  They truely are all writers and soon to be published authors!


Just Write 3rd grade.pdf


Just Write 4th Grade.pdf


Just Write 5th Grade.pdf


Just Write 6th Grade.pdf



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