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NYS Native American Traditions

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IROQUOIS: False Face Society
   When someone was very sick The False Face Society would come to the sick person and put on funny masks carved and made from wood. They would dance around the sick person warning the sprits to leave. They believe that it would wash away the bad spirits.
IROQUOIS:  Green Corn Festival 
     Iroquois celebration of the Green Corn Festival lasted 4 days. During the festival kids born in the winter were given their names. Their names would be given during a thanks giving speech. They feasted on succotash and corn soup. This is made of corn, beans and squash. The last day everyone played a game called the peach stone game. It’s a game of chance. The winner got peach stones.
ALGONQUIANS: Spirit Dreams
     Just before a boy's 12th birthday he was to go into the woods and wait for a spirit dream.  A spirit dream is when a spirit comes into a boy’s dream in the form of an animal or bird. This would help the boy for the rest of his life. He would not eat or drink. He would just sit there. To become a man every boy had to have a spirit dream. Even if the boy came back to the village because he was hungry he was sent back in to the woods with no food.
ALGONQUIANS: Wampum made and used!
     Wampum is shell money. Wampum was used like money but it was a proof of good faith and friendship. Wampum has many meanings. It was used like jewelry. Also different shells were used to mark the terms of an agreement.





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