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A parrot's body is made for living in a tropical rainforest. Parrots can be all sorts of colors like yellow, red , and blue. Parrots weigh 3 1/2 pounds. Parrots can be 3 1/2 inches or up to 10 inches long. Parrots have hooked beaks.

Parrots can be found in India, Southeast Asia, and West Africa. The Carolina parasleet, now extinct, lived in the United States. Parrots can also be found in South America, Australia, and Central America. Parrots live in a hole in a tree.

Parrots eat nuts, seeds, and fruits, like apples, pears, and  other sorts of fruits.  They find these foods on the ground and in trees.  Parrots have eggs so it feeds it's young with worms and insects.  Parrots sit on their eggs to keep the babies inside warm. Parrots bright colors help them to blend in and help them hide from predators or enemies.







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Parrots by John Bonnett Wexo

Natures Children Pet Parrots by Frank Puccio

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