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Poison Dart Frog

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Poison Dart Frog







     My animal is the Blue Poison Dart frog.  It has a blue body with black spots on its back.  Its’ skin has a toxic poison.  There are three different poisons but many species of frogs.

      The poison dart frog lives in South American rainforests on the ground. They live under leaves, trees, and in trees. The blue poison dart frog eats ants, beetles, and other insects. The blue poison dart frog sits on a leaf and waits for its’ prey. 

       The male frog makes a loud noise to get a female’s attention. Once the courtship is complete the female puts her eggs on the backs of leaves. During the next two weeks the male returns to check on the eggs. When the eggs hatch they attach themselves to the male’s back and he puts them into tiny pools of water. Now the tadpoles are on their own.  In 3 months they are adult frogs.

        Other than certain snakes and large spiders, there are few predators that can survive the poison of adult frogs. The tadpoles, which are not protected by any poison, are often eaten by snakes and dragonfly larvae.



























Poison Dart Frogs by Jennifer Owings Dewey

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