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Praying Mantis

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Insects 4th grade


Praying Mantis


      The Praying mantis is very beautiful. It is a bright green color. It uses that color to blend in. I think this insect is pretty interesting. Like why does it have praying In it’s name? Well we’ll try and find that out.

            Have you ever wondered about a praying mantis and its body? Well one Iinteresting fact is that the praying mantis is the only insect that can look over it’s shoulder. Also it is camouflage which means it blends in to its surroundings.  It is also very fast at times. Praying mantises have large compound eyes. It’s forlegs open and close like a pocket knife. It has three body parts; a head, A thorax and an abdomen. The praying mantis can be a half inch to 6 inches long. I hope that if you’ve never seen a praying mantis this shows what they look like.

             If you live in a warm tropical place you probably have a good chance of finding a praying mantis. Praying mantises like to live in high places or under leaves. They live in these places to stay away from predators.  Also you can find them among plants for they blend in with the green plants You can find them in meadows, fields, thickets, and gardens. Praying Mantises can also be found on the bark of trees. As you can see the praying mantis blends in to the many possible places you can find it. Now that you

know where praying mantises live go out and find one.

             In this paragraph you will probably find the most interesting facts about the praying mantis. The praying mantis does not kill its food before it eats it I find that odd. I think it’s odd because it eats other insects and sometimes

mice. The praying mantis has predators such as birds and lizards. When they lay eggs the eggs are protected by a hardened liquid. When they eat they have a feeler called palpi that tastes the food. As you can see praying mantises are         

very interesting when it comes to eating and protecting themselves.

             The praying mantis has a regular life cycle. The praying mantis starts as an egg. Then after that it becomes a nymph which is a small wingless adult. Finally the mantis will become a full grown adult. When a praying mantis egg is layed it will hatch in the spring. Also it goes threw an incomplete metamorphisis. As you can see the praying mantis goes threw a decent life cycle.


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