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     During the winter, the Inuit spent a lot of time inside.  They would play games and tell stories about their people.  One of the oldest games they liked was Cat's Cradle.  You had to tie a piece of sinew around your fingers to make shapes.  Other games were played using balls made of seal skins.  Inuit men like to wrestle, race and compete to see who was the strongest.  Inuit families liked to visit others an have company.  They also like to go to a dance house.  They went there to sing and dance.  Sometimes they acted out the songs.  The inuit also like arts and crafts.  They used their hands and materials to make things they needed for everyday life.  They made pottery, carved bowls and weaved baskets.  They also play tug of war.  They put ropes on their heads and tug them while on their knees.  The Inuits also play the knee game. You try to balance on your knees and also walk. 

     Another game they play is  iglagaunerk.  This is a laughing game.  Whoever laughs the hardest wins!





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