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Third Grade Polar Regions

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Third Grade Arctic Page




Click on the pictures below to learn more.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see our references.








Arctic Animals - by Kellie Conforth - 1991


Arctic Tundra: Land with No Trees - by Allan Fowler - 1996


People of the Arctic - by Robert Low - 1996


People of the Ice - by Heather Smith Siska - 1980


Polar Lands - by M. Hynes - 2005


The Polar Regions - by Rourke - 1994






The Arctic and Its Animals:

Discover all the animals of the Arctic : the caribou, muskox, tern, norwhal--in this entry from ThinkQuest Junior.



Arctic Theme Page

This Arctic Theme Page provides access to widely distributed Arctic data and information for scientists, students, teachers, academia, managers, decision makers and the general public.


The Inuit

Information on their land, travel, food, work, tools, houses, clothes and play.


Canada 's Arctic

This site has links to Canada 's Polar Animals (birds, fish, mammals, and  invertebrates), and  bacteria, fungi, and plants.  It also has information on the  Polar environment including its inland waters, land, marine waters, sky and climate.


Arctic Animals

This page has a lot of links to different sites about specific animals and many for all arctic animals.  Read the description of each site to make sure it’s one that will be helpful to you.


The Arctic – Enchanted Learning

Information about the Arctic, Arctic Land Zones, and Arctic animals


The Tundra

Learn about the plants, animals and location of the tundra.  You will also find links to other websites about the tundra as well.


Inuit Life in Nunavik

Learn about winter wear, traditional tools, community, a day in the life of an Inuit child and more.


The Inuit

This is a good source of some quick facts about the Inuit.


News from the Arctic

This site has links to other sites where you can learn about traditional Inuit games, Inuit tools, a kayak building project and more.


Biomes of the World - The Tundra

This site has information and photographs of the plants and animal life in the Tundra region.


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