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Mrs. Warren's Class 2011-2012

Kindergarten Class

Living and Non-Living Things


Mrs Warren Living Things Podcast.MOV

Click link and then click download tab 



Mrs. Cerame's Class 2010-2011

Kindergarten Class

Bear Facts




Mrs. DiGiacco's 2010-2011

Kindergarten Class

Aminals in Winter



Mrs. O'Leary's First Grade 2010-2011

Solar System Facts 




Mrs Brock's Fifth Grade

Reader's Theatre 

For Windows users (click on a book to listen to our podcast - mp3)

For Mac users (Click on the link under the book - uses Quick Time)

PLEASE be patient, the podcast may take a minute to load

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                    Probuditi                                            Jumanji                              The Widow's Broom


Mrs. Tyler's Second Grade Class

Life Cycle of a Plant


Mrs. Tyler's Second Grade Class

Life Cycle of a Mealworm


Ms. Morath's Kindergarten Class




Winter 2010


Mrs. O'Leary's First Grade Class

Solar System Facts



Mrs. Farrell's First Grade Class

Green Eggs and Ham




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